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Part 1 – Which iPhone Repair Service?

If you find yourself needing an iPhone repair service you might be wondering what your options are.

You could well have seen a wide range of prices and turnaround times on the internet and in local iPhone repair services. You may have also come across mates of mates ‘that can repair iPhones’!

This piece is about iPhones but in reality you can apply the following to the repair of just about any popular mobile devices – iPads, Smart Phones and laptops.

So, what are those iPhone Repair service options? Read on to find out the good, the bad and the ugly!

Simply put they are this!

  1. Get Apple to carry out the iPhone repair service
  2. Get a 3rd party to repair your iPhone
  3. Do it yourself

Depending on what model you have, some options aren’t really viable – the value of some older iPhone models means that certainly the most expensive option of having Apple repair your iPhone is not really a cost effective option.

Let’s take a look at each option in more detail.

iPhone Repair Service: Option 1 – Apple Repair Centre

Your options with Apple are to head to one of their own repair centre’s  – in our area (East Anglia) there is one in Norwich and another in Cambridge.

You can make an appointment to visit one of these repair centre’s but they won’t guarantee that the repair will be completed on the same day.

In terms of cost Apple are usually the most expensive for out of warranty iPhones (screen replacements being the most obvious example).

iPhone Repair Service Ipswich: Option 2 – Independent Repairer

There exists a wide range of independent or 3rd party repair providers as they are sometimes known. These 3rd party repairers can vary hugely in the quality of the repairs performed, their professionalism and the after sales support you may or may not receive.

‘Back Bedroom’ iPhone Repair Service

Let’s start at the bottom end of the scale with the guy that does some repairs out of his back bedroom using poor quality parts from eBay and watches YouTube videos to learn how to do the repairs.

Often these guys don’t have the specialist equipment required to do the job properly. iPhones are delicate – using incorrect or low quality tools and parts can cause issues, not being ESD compliant (See Part 4 coming soon) can also ‘brick’ you iPhone.

Local iPhone Repair Service Shops/Centres

If you’ve seen different pricing for your iPhone repair service on the High Street you could well be wondering why.

There is a wide variation in the specialist tools, equipment and  quality of the parts used by third party repairers. Working practices – just as in most industries – differ from place to place.

We have seen some instances from local repairers here in Ipswich where warranties have not been honoured even a short time after the repair.

On occasion we have actually been presented with a plastic bag containing a dismantled iPhone ‘repaired’ locally; be warned – it does happen.

Having said that, there are also some very good local 3rd Party repairers. ArmaFone aim to match or exceed both our local and national competitors with a mix of great pricing and well trained, knowledgeable staff using parts that are genuine or OEM equivalents (See Part 3 – Part Quality – coming soon) and offering a comprehensive 12 month warranty on all our repairs .

FACT: Parts will fail, wherever they come from, a percentage of mobile device parts will fail.

New iPhones direct from Apple have parts failures – most people know someone who has had an iPhone warranty issue. Most of the time that is down to a part failing somewhere.

The thing to consider here is if a part does fail what happens…..read on for more on warranties! (Part 2 – Warranties – Coming Soon)

Online / National iPhone Repair Service Companies

If you’ve been doing a price compare online then doubtless you will have found a range of prices, delivery methods and warranty types.

The parts and service of the larger online repairers is probably in line with the top end of High Street repairers.

Because of the volumes these guys handle they are usually well priced – but there is a pay off for saving a few pounds:

Obviously you will be without your phone for a period that can be advertised from 2-3 working days to up to 14 days depending on the repairer.

Apart from the inconvenience of being without your device, if you are sending your phone away we would always recommend backing up your data. Many of these larger, internet-only companies have data protection policies where the device has to be wiped as part of the intake process – you have been warned!

In addition you might want to factory reset your device – if the nature of the fault allows you to do so of course. (i.e. if the screen has completely gone this is going to be difficult)

When sending your iPhone or other device off to a repairer you may be invited to use their own delivery service or send it in yourself.

In either case make sure that insurance is applied and sufficient to cover the value of your iPhone – some ‘standard’ delivery tariffs will only include insurance to a fairly low level. Always used a signed for service and preferably trackable.

NOTE: Remember the inconvenience of being without your phone for a period of time will be repeated with any warranty issues you may experience.

Call Out iPhone Repair Services

Call out services can be provided by both local and online iPhone repair companies.

With local repairers that come to you just check they also have a business address and are a bone fide business.

If not you could be opening yourself up to the same situation as a back bedroom repairer – just one in a van that might be difficult to locate in case of a warranty issue!

iPhone Repair Service Ipswich: Option 3  – DIY

Yes you can buy iPhone parts and tools off of eBay reasonably cheaply.

There is a reason that I’m using the word ‘cheap’ here – in 9 times out of 10 parts purchased from eBay are poor quality.

Add to that the risk associated with poking a metal instrument into your iPhone whilst following a video on YouTube and the likelihood of things ending well diminish considerably!

Put it this way, we often get asked to fit eBay parts that have been purchased by customers but have a company policy of not offering this service.

The reason behind the policy is that we had a 67% part failure rate over a period of 6 months with customer supplied eBay parts!

Enough said on that front I think other that DIY iPhone repairs are at your own risk.

iPhone Repair Service Options – Summary

Whether you have a broken iPhone in your hand and looking for a repair today or are responsible for organising repairs on an ongoing basis on behalf of your company we are hoping this series of articles will assist in choosing the best option for your situation.

Selecting the right iPhone repair service should be based on a range of factors including price, parts and service quality as well as warranty and add on services.

In the next part of this series we look at warranty’s on your iPhone repairs. Watch this space!

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