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Why ArmaFone Training?

Our unique range of courses are ideal for anyone wanting to enter the tech repair industry, adding to a new skillset or a new service to their business.


Our Training

Learn the business of tech repair from the professionals in the classroom, workshop, online or in live environments – be that one of our stores or fully fitted mobile workshops.

With our modular courses you can build your skills and experience at your pace and focus on the areas that are most important to your career or business.

Not sure where to start? No problem, contact us and we can talk through the options available to you.



All our courses are certificated and follow a similar workflow:

  • Theory
  • Practical
  • Practice
  • Testing & Certification (subject to attaining the required level)

Our certification, backed by our reputation within the industry, will provide customers and prospective employers confidence in your skills and abilities.


Ongoing Support

Once you have successfully completed any our courses you will also benefit from ongoing support from our technical team and online training portal.

Whether that’s a query about repairs, equipment or parts our team are here to assist.

You will also have access to the full course data in case you need to refresh yourself on how to do a particular repair or process.

Core Technical Courses

Classroom training and practice for any repairs thrown your way!


Level One

Learn the basics of tech repair including workshop, tools and equipment and ESD best practice, an introduction to device & software diagnostics plus theory and practice of a wide range of iPhone component repairs.

A well-rounded option for the beginner – build your new skillset on strong foundations with this 2-day course.


Level Two

Taking the skills you learned in Level 1 and building on them with more advanced diagnostics and testing procedures plus an introduction to repairs on Samsung, Huawei and other leading brands using the Android OS.

Things are getting serious! This course will equip you with the tools to analyse and repair a wider range of the popular models that you are likely to encounter.


iPad Specialist

Learn just why iPads are not just ‘big iPhones’ and how to analyse and repair them.

Spend a day learning how to analyse iPad faults, learn vital differences between models and how to ensure that your iPad repairs stay repaired!

We're the No. 1 place for tech repair. Our 5 star Trustpilot rating wouldn't be possible without our unrivalled, in-house training.

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LIVE! Experience Training

Valuable live training in-store and mobile workshop vehicles ensure that you are ready for anything!


In-Store Live!

Spend time working as a professional tech at our ASDA store under the watchful eye of your training technician.

You will be welcoming customers, analysing their issues, carrying out repairs and getting to grips with software and systems that are all part and parcel of being a professional repair tech in a customer facing environment.


Mobile Workshop Live!

Spend a day on the road with our training technician in a live customer environment.

Learn how to route plan your day right through the repair process and taking payment. This really is a one-day template for operating your own mobile tech repair service.


TechPOD Live!

Spend time working as a professional tech at one of our bespoke TechPODs, under the watchful eye of your training technician.

You will be welcoming customers, analysing their issues, carrying out repairs and getting to grips with software and systems that are all part and parcel of being a professional repair tech in a customer facing environment.

Supermarket in-store LIVE! experience

Mobile workshop LIVE! experience

TechPOD in-store LIVE! experience

Supplementary Courses

For everything inbetween!


IT Professional – CPD Accredited

If your current role is IT focused, whether as a business or working within a company IT department why not meet your CPD commitment with this course specifically designed with you in mind?

This course will enable you to service your own or your customers company mobile assets including diagnostics and repair of common issues. Includes advice on tools and equipment, parts with access to our online portal and support from your training technician.


IT Support Company

Add an additional revenue stream to your business by offering professional mobile tech repair to your customers.

A tailored course to suit your business model we can provide training and advice on diagnostics, software and component repairs, parts sourcing with access to your technical account manager for advice – be that commercial or technical.

We can also provide more advanced repair services to your business to ensure your customers have a one stop shop for all mobile tech related issues.


Glass Back Replacement  – Laser

Gain competitive advantage with this course on how to safely remove and replace damaged rear glass from a range of devices using laser removal equipment.

Includes equipment recommendations and parts supply options.


Bespoke Screen Protection

Offer your customers bespoke, flexible screen protection and decorative skins learning the intricacies of this flexible system.

Stand out from the competition by using this class leading bespoke protection system which we also offer set up, ongoing support and discounted consumables for.


Tech Repair Business – The ‘Non-Techie Stuff’

For those looking to start their own tech repair business learn how to convert enquiries to customers, deal with objections and protect yourself against false warranty claims plus much more.

Includes advice on software for managing your tech repair business, pricing, parts sourcing, templates for the creation of your own terms and conditions and how to start building an online presence including reviews.



For those looking to start or grow their own tech repair business AFCOM365 is our own developed software that allows you to take control of your business processes from end to end.

Web based and secure, AFCOM365 provides technical prompts for early diagnosis of issues, lead management and CRM and includes stock management, ticket control, EOPS and even callout management modules for those looking to add on site repair services.