iPhone battery replacement in Ipswich

iPhone Battery Replacement in Ipswich – What You Need to Know

Need An iPhone Battery Replacement in Ipswich?

If you think you may need an iPhone battery replacement in Ipswich then first off head down to ArmaFone in St. Matthews Street and get yours tested for free.

As a generalization an iPhone battery can begin to fail at or around 500 charging cycles. A charging cycle is defined as ‘a full or part charge.

This figure of 500 is arbitrary and when a battery actually starts to fail depends on usage profiles, ambient temperature and a range of other influences.

The easiest way to find out if you suspect your battery is past it’s best is to bring it in to us and we can test it for you.

iPhone Battery Failure Causes

Just the other day a customer came to us with an iPhone 6 Plus. Their screen was physically coming away from the rest of the phone! The cause? A swelling battery.

You may have heard of a few cases where iPhones (yes iPhone not Samsung!) have exploded, gone up in smoke or begun to split and if we’re honest, it sounds pretty terrifying!

Check this out as an example of what’s possible!

So, we thought we’d set the story straight because you might want to know why this is happening to our beloved iPhones and how to prevent it.

Three of the main reasons for an expanding iPhone battery are

1)      Overcharging the iPhone

2)      Applying too much pressure to the iPhone

3)      Allowing the iPhone to overheat

iPhone Battery Precautions

This scenario occurs pretty rarely so we wouldn’t panic too much. However, if you want to take precautions to avoid being one of the unlucky few there are a few things you can do. These things are helpful for making your battery work at its best for as long as possible too:

1)      Avoid using cheap, unofficial charger alternatives. Apple tries to prevent cheap charging alternatives from working with their devices and it’s not all bad. It is better to use official chargers with your iPhone if you can.

2)      Apple advises that charging your iPhone while it is in a case may cause excess heat. So, if you notice your phone getting a bit warm when you charge it, be sure to take it out of the case.

3)      Store your phone in a cool, dry place where possible. In high temperatures there’s a greater chance of overheating and battery damage. Leaving your iPhone out in the blazing sun is not a good plan as your could super-heat your iPhone and therefore the battery very quickly.

4)      If you store your device unused for a long time, it is best to store it with around 50% charge. Without any charge it may become incapable of holding charge but being fully charged can lose some battery capacity hence shortening your phones battery life.

That’s it for today – just a short post prompted by one of our customers experience.

Our Advice

Our advice should you see your screen starting to ‘peel’ or ‘lift’ is to get it looked at straight away. This ‘lifting’ could be caused by an expanding (failing) battery and once that failure has started the battery itself becomes unstable and potential dangerous.

If you have an iPhone 6 or 6s and are experiencing random shutdowns it may not be your battery  – take a look at this post  iOS 10.2.1 Random Shutdown Issue for more information.

Obviously prices change over time so we don’t put them in posts. However, if you do need an iPhone battery replacement in Ipswich then the repair will take under an hour and comes with the usual ArmaFone 1 year guarantee. And don’t forget we have free parking adjacent to the Wolsey Theatre. (Signposted opposite the Pay and Display)

If you have any questions about looking after your battery, need a battery replacement or would like to purchase a genuine Apple charger for your iPhone you can find us at 9 St. Matthews Street in Ipswich, call us on 01473 400005 or drop us an email at support@armafone.com. We’ll be happy to advise and assist.

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