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iOS 11 To Kill Off 200,000 Apps?

When Apple launch version 11 of their iOS operating system – probably alongside the new iPhone launch and probably around September, it looks as though there are going to be some casualties.

iPhone 5s  iOS to iOS 11

You may have seen the dialogue box warning on your iPhone or iPad already.

What does this mean and why has it started appearing you may ask yourself?

I’ll try to explain briefly, and without trying to get too geeky.

Here goes – when the iPhone 5s was launched it included a new 64-bit processor rather than the old 32-bit version. Apple then started down a road that favoured apps that made use of this new processors’ capabilities to create, I guess a better user experience.

To that end each version of iOS since that time has been moving towards all apps needing to take advantage of 64-bit technology. iOS 11 is going to take that one step further apparently

iOS 11 – App Killer?

The warning above relate to around 187,000 apps currently.

The iOS 11 warning below relates to that same 187,000 apps and effectively states that if the developer doesn’t upgrade these apps they will simply stop working.

As you would expect, a large proportion of these apps are games (around 20%) but there are potentially an awful lot of apps that people have paid for and use that will simply stop working.

I’m  not sure that this is Apple being arrogant and effectively ‘killing’ apps with iOS11. These are apps that have actually been purchased by it’s customers.

Is this another example of Apple trying to control the customer experience (and their property) via the connectivity that it’s products possess? Does this smack of Error 53 where Apple ‘bricked’ phones that had had home buttons replaced and then had to reverse that decision?

OR… is it really more along the lines of Microsoft updating the Windows operating systems that we use on our PC’s? To be fair we have kind of put up with new Windows version over the years as we’ve always seen the new version as an improvement.

Not sure. Let’s see which of our apps die once iOS 11 arrives and see how we feel then.

The ArmaFone team will no doubt be dealing with plenty ‘broken apps’ queries once this happens. Maybe we can get a few customer quotes and post them later in the year.

We’ll keep you updated with any developments on this one.

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The ArmaFone Team


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