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Water Damage iPhone 6 Repair?

As you might imagine here at ArmaFone we get a LOT of questions on just about anything to do with mobile phones, tablets and laptops and the like.

We thought it might be useful to share a range of common questions via this series of short articles.

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The ArmaFone Team

Q: Hi – I think my daughter has water damage to her iPhone 6.

She dropped it into the sink last week and although she grabbed it straight away and dried it still isn’t starting up properly.

Is this something that can be fixed and how much would that be?



Kesgrave, Ipswich


A: Hi Cathy, thanks for your question about your daughter’s iPhone 6 repair and possible water damage.

Your Daughters Phone

Water damage is a really odd one – we get people who have dropped their iPhone into a swimming pool for 10 minutes and its fine and others where they have been rendered completely useless from listening to music in a steamed up bathroom!

One of the most important ‘rules’ surrounding water damage to smartphones is not to plug it in to charge it or to try to turn it on until it has been dried out, the best way to dry out the device is to pop it in a box or bag of rice for a minimum of 48 hours before testing as the rice will help draw out any moisture in the device.

A lot of people put the handset in to an airing cupboard but we advise against this as most airing cupboards can be too humid and can delay the drying process or even cause more damage.

We do have a solution that we can soak your daughter’s phone in that we describe as having a 50/50 chance or recovery.

If you’d like to pop into our St Matthews Street store in Ipswich we’d be happy to try it for you. If you are driving we have our car park next to the Wolsey Theatre.

If you have any more questions or would like further information you can call us on 01473 400005 or email the team on support@armafone.com



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