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Apple to Offer Free Repairs due to iPhone X Touch Screen Issues

The iPhone X was released in 2017 and was very much made out to be a game changer. The £999 handset was supposed to be the most revolutionary device released by Apple within almost a decade. With the price tag and hype, you wouldn’t expect the iPhone X Touch Screen to be having problems already.

Apple have recently come out to admit there is a big problem with the iPhone X. Many users with the device have been having issues with the responsiveness of the iPhone X Touch Screen. From the display not responding regularly, to it not responding at all. Apple have determined that the displays may be experiencing these touch issues due to a component failing on the display module.

From Apple themselves or any Apple Authorised Service provider they are now offering a free screen replacement for eligible iPhone X’s. This is a part of their iPhone X Display Module Replacement Program.

Apple says your iPhone X should be free from any damage and if it has anything that impairs the ability of the repair there may be a cost with the free repair.

What to Do Next?

Believe your iPhone X Touch Screen is experiencing the above issues and is eligible?

Contact Apple Support

Book an appointment at an Apple Retail Store

Find an Apple Authorized Service Provider


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