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Our New Static-Safe Work Benches

So if you didn’t already know, we’re moving! (Not like we’ve made a huge fuss of it or anything). With the move we’ve been getting in a lot of exciting new products, which we definitely will be posting about soon. Another quite exciting thing for us has been our new equipment and work space coming together. Sturdy, sleek and reliable work benches? Yep, but they’re also static-safe.


Whaarmafone new static-safe work benchest is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. ESD is something we come across in everyday life. When you were younger you may remember playing on a trampoline and getting off and touching the metal on the side to recieve a slight shock. Walking across a carpeted, heated room and touching a metal doorknob will do the trick too. ESD may cause us some discomfort for a moment, but overall it’s non-damaging to the human body. With electronic devices it is a different story as electronically charged parts can become damaged. Below we show just a few different ways we prevent ESD:


Static-Safe Work Benches

As shown further up is a Static-Safe work bench. The table is covered by a static dissipative mat which is grounded through a 1 Meg-ohm resistor. The resistor is needed to protect those using the work bench. This is in the event of the ground becoming electrically live, preventing an electrical shock.

ESD Glovestablet and ipad repair image

Anti-Static ESD Safe Gloves are used when we handle sensitive components. An example is the motherboard (One of the most essential parts of a device). The gloves are also used when handling all types of micro-electronics, PC and laptop repair or assembly. They’re also used in packing areas where ESD is a problem. These general purpose ESD safe gloves have a non-slip, silicon-dotted surface on the palm and fingers.  These gloves will also prevent oils on hands and fingers from corroding electronic contacts when handling components.

ESD-Safe Screwdrivers & Insulated Tools

ESD-Safe tools are ideal for providing added safety when working on electrical applications, allowing static charge to safely dissipate without damaging delicate parts

Now we don’t expect you to understand or even remember all the techy stuff. We just hope this gives you a better understanding of our proccess in-store when it comes to preventing ESD. Our goal is to always be open and honest with our customers while informing you the best we can!

ArmaFone are moving!

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