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Q: Hi there I’m having iPhone charging problems and wondered whether you could offer some advice?

I have an iPhone 6 which is really temperamental when charging could you tell me what this is likely to be and how much it would cost please?


Andy B, Ipswich

Re: Your iPhone Charging Problems

A: Hi Andy,

Thanks for question. We do get a lot of enquiries on iphone charging problems every single week to be fair!


So the battery could potentially be at the end of it’s life as the iPhone 6 has been out for a while now and we reckon as a rough rule of thumb that 500 cycles is where the ‘average’ battery starts degrading.

A cycle is charge or part charge and the speed with which a battery degrades depends on the usage profile – like  whether the device gets hot with spikes in usage etc.

Doing the maths a 2 year old phone charged on average once per day would take you over the 500 cycles and into that degradation phase. This might give you something that looks like iPhone charging problems quite quickly but for other devices it might not make much difference for quite a while!

If you’d like to pop in we can test the state of your battery for you – no charge for this but it is one way to rule out your iPhone charging problems.

If it turns out that you do need a battery we can replace it within the hour for £34.99 for your iPhone 6 currently but always call us to check the price as they change frequently!

Charging Port

Another common source of the iPhone charging problems you are experiencing is the charging port.

We often get asked to replace a faulty charging port when customers are experiencing iPhone charging problems.

However before replacing anything we always give the port a good clean – if we can solve the issue  with a port clean again there’s no charge to you so another reason to pop in and see us!

A word of warning here – don’t be tempted to clean the port yourself unless you know what you are doing. The contacts are easily damaged and we have had to replace ports that a customer has damaged themselves. We will do it for free so you may as well come in and get it done professionally!

If the clean doesn’t work and the battery looks healthy then we would then start looking at replacing the charging port of your iPhone. Currently these cost £34.99 but that changes quite a lot so check with us for a current price. This repair takes around an hour.

iPhone Charging Problems Summary

Andy, the above are the most common sources of iPhone charging problems and account for probably around 80% of the charging problems.

If it turns out to be something else then we would have to run some tests to locate the issue.

It is worth mentioning that we strongly recommend using a genuine or good quality 3rd part charger (plug and cable) when charging your iPhone. It can make a considerable difference and affect the longevity of your battery.

For your peace of mind all our repairs (if required!) come with a 12 month warranty.

Hope that helps but any questions just give us a call on 01473 400005 or fill in our contact form here.



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