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Whether you're looking for an 'as new' refurbished smartphone or tablet or one that works 100% but might not be cosmetically perfect then come and see us in store at ASDA, Goddard Road, Ipswich.

All of our used and refurbished stock comes with a 12 month warranty as well as free technical support in ensuring you get all your data and apps across to your new phone.

As well as a great range of used and refurbished devices, expert help and advice we can also offer some great deals on top quality accessories or insuring your new phone!

Why not ask us about trading in your current phone or tablet - we can even take damaged devices in for cash or against a new purchase.

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Visit us in store at ASDA, White House Road, Ipswich

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The majority of our case protection meets or exceeds MIL810G Military drop testing standards. Essentially this means when you add an MIL810G tested case to a good quality glass or nano screen protector you've given your phone or tablet the best change of surviving a drop unscathed.

To attain MIL 810 Standard testers drop the device + protective case  from a height of 4 feet (1.2m) on each of its six faces, 12 edges and eight corners, for a total of 26 drops. They visually inspect for damage and determine whether the device it still unscathed after each drop.

If you would like more information or you need help or advice then contact us here  - there's a good chance we can come up with what you need!