Battery Replacement Service

Often we don't notice when the battery on our iPhone or tablet begins to degrade and becomes quite difficult to use - this is because it happens gradually.

As an example we reckon on about 500 'cycles' before an iPhone 6 battery needs replacing - a 'cycle' we would describe as a full or a partial charge.

When you get to that stage and you begin to notice that your device is needing more charging to remain useful it's probably time for a new battery!

testing for iphone battery replacement in Ipswich

Free Battery Testing

If you'd prefer not to end up with something like this then keep tabs on the state of your tablet or phone battery.

Our team can test your battery for free and let you know what sort of shape it's in and how many cycles it's completed. 

If in any doubt ,pop in and get the test - don't let your battery fail and as it expands damage your screen or the internals of your phone like this. Not pretty!

Express Battery Replacement

The ArmaFone express battery replacement service will have your iPhone, tablet or smartphone up to full power in not time.

Simply let us know what device you have, pop in and we'll do the rest.

We have free customer parking at our Ipswich repair centre so you can park up and pop into town while we replace your battery or take a seat, read the paper and even enjoy a cuppa while you wait if you'd prefer!

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