Mobile phone insurance from ArmaFone doesn't require your phone to be sent away for days (or weeks!) for claim validation and repair.

ArmaFone have teamed up with one of the longest running mobile insurance providers in the U.K. to bring you a fast turnaround, locally repaired mobile insurance product.


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Why ArmaFone Insurance

With mobile devices getting more sophisticated, fragile and expensive it makes sense to have your tech kit insured.

Usually the downside of mobile insurance is that in the event of a claim your device has to be sent away for evaluation and possible repair or replacement.

Not so with insurance provided by ArmaFone - in the event of an authorised claim we are certified to evaluate, repair or replace your device on site.

How Does It Work

Simple. You pay a premium each month to cover your phone or tablet.

If you need to make a claim you simply complete a claim form online and if approved, bring your device to us.

We then repair or replace your device then and there - if for some reason there is any delay we'll set you up with a loan phone and make sure you're good to go!

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes you can. With the policies that we provide the first month is free of charge and after that, depending on your device and cover you will pay a monthly premium via direct debit.

You can cancel at any time by letting us know or simply cancelling your direct debit.

Once you have cancelled your policy your device will no longer be covered.

What is Covered?

  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Extended Warranty
  • Worldwide Cover (up to 90 days per year)
  • Immediate family members using the phone

Is There an Excess?

Yes. Just about every insurance policy have an excess that you need pay should you need to claim.

The excess varies from £25 to £75 depending on the insured device but is generally a fraction of the cost of repair or replacement.

Talk to one of the team and they will advise you of all the details.

How Much Does It Cost?

That depends on your phone or tablet model.

Talk to one of the team to get a quote - the first month is free of charge on all policies.

Do I have to buy my device from ArmaFone?

No, we are able to insure your phone where we have just repaired it - to avoid big repair bills in the future.

We can also insure new, refurbished and used devices where purchased from ourselves of course.

How do I set up the insurance?

Just talk to one of the team in store and they'll walk you through the process from end to end. 

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Point of Purchase

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As with other insurance providers we can provide insurance when you purchase a phone or tablet from ArmaFone.

The big difference here is that we can offer insurance on refurbished and used devices as well as new!

Point of Repair

Repairs Phone ShopThat's right, if you have a repair carried out via ArmaFone on your phone or tablet we can offer you insurance when you collect your device.

Mobile devices are getting more expensive (and more fragile) so why not avoid big repair bills next time by taking out insurance

Business Repairs

business 1 Phone ShopInsure your business phones with the added benefit of the option of on site repairs for approved claims.

Keep staff downtime to a minimum with a professional on site phone repair service

Repair or Replacement FAQ's