Screen Replacement – THE Most Common Repair…

It happens to us all at some point - that sickening sound of metal and glass hitting concrete or a tiled floor from even a few feet.

The deed is done and you need a replacement screen for your iPhone, iPad or smartphone - but where to go?

The key issues are getting a quality screen, fitted and tested professionally with a warranty that you can trust - all at a fair price.

The ArmaFone screen replacement service ticks all of the above boxes and we can generally have your iPhone or smartphone screen replaced within the hour!


Glass, Touchscreen or LCD?

These all sound like technical mumbo jumbo don't they?

The glass is the digitiser and is the bit you touch so is also called a touchscreen and sends the signal to the phone as to what you want to do.

The LCD is like a really thin computer monitor and receives and reacts to how you press or swipe the glass/digitizer.

All you really need to know for your repair is that different devices do things differently. Some models you can get a separate glass/digitizer for and others are bonded (glued) to the LCD so tend to be more expensive.

Rest assured that at ArmaFone we will advise on the best option for your phone, tablet or laptop repair so you get the right result at the best price - and backed by our 12 month warranty every time!

Keep an eye on our blog if you really want to know more about the wonderful world of screens construction!!