Repairs – Terms and Conditions.

TMAC Wireless Solutions Ltd. T/A Armafone will replace the damaged part as per the agreement.

Any additional issues that may occur as part of the repair will be handled separately.

We cannot be held liable for additional faults that may occur once repaired due to original damage.

Parts are covered under a 12 month warranty excluding wear and tear or accidental damage.

We will make every effort to repair any damage caused but cannot guarantee a resolution in all cases where other factors are a consideration.

Payment will be required where other factors prevent repair outside of the responsibility of TMAC Wireless Solutions Ltd. T/A Armafone.

Any repairs on the device in warranty could invalidate the warranty with the manufacture and any existing insurance policy cover on the device will need checking for validity with your insurance provider.

It is the responsibility of the customer to check the status of any and all warranties and insurance policies relating to a device left for repair.

Any data or personal content on the device is the responsibility of the customer.

The customer should ensure backups are made either by themselves as TMAC Wireless Solutions Ltd. T/A Armafone will not be held liable for any such loss which may occur.

Loan Phones

Loan phones remain the property of TMAC Wireless Solutions Ltd. T/A ArmaFone.

A deposit may be required at the point of loan against loss or damage of any loan phone but should the extent of any damage incurred or total loss ArmaFone reserve the right to invoice for the cost of a replacement device.

Where a direct replacement is unavailable we reserve the right to procure a similar specification and cost device instead.