UAG Drop Test Badge GLXS8_PLASMA_ASH-MAIN.817-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ASH-PT01.819-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ASH-PT02.821-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ASH-PT03.823-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CBT-MAIN.845-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CBT-PT01.847-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CBT-PT02.849-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CBT-PT03.851-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CTN-MAIN.873-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CTN-PT01.875-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CTN-PT02.877-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_CTN-PT03.879-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ICE-MAIN.789-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ICE-PT01.791-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ICE-PT02.793-600x600 GLXS8_PLASMA_ICE-PT03.795-600x600

Galaxy S8+ – UAG Plasma


The UAG Plasma range  – vibrant colours with exceptional drop protection to MIL-8190G US Military standard.

Transform and protect your phone with the outstanding Plasma range from Urban Armor Gear.

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The Plasma series for the Galaxy S8+ will certainly make your Galaxy stand out from the crowd!

Startlingly vibrant colours let you transform the look and feel of your phone without compromising on drop protection.

  • Armoured outer shell construction with impact resistant core
  • Ultra-light composite protection for your phone
  • Large, tactile buttons offer easy access to your phones functions
  • Scratch resistant pads & surround protect your screen
  • Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

Urban Armor Gear plasma Galaxy cases offer superior protection for your device without being bulky or awkward to hold or have in a pocket.

The ArmaFone team ALL use UAG protection for our devices – from the boss to the apprentices – you can’t get a better recommendation than that!!

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Ash, Cobalt, Ice, Citron