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Why ArmaFone?

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For your peace of mind all our repairs come with 1 year parts & labour warranty.

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We can repair your phone in our specially equipped mobile workshop at home or work.

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Our team are happy to offer friendly help and advice on all things mobile!

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Any testing and diagnostics carried our are free of charge when your device is subsequently repaired.

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We usually quote an hour for screen repairs but often complete them in even less time.

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We have plenty of space located inside the ASDA Superstore, Goddard Rd, Ipswich.

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For longer repairs such as iPads we can offer a pick up and drop off service or if it's not convenient to drop or of pick up your device we'll do that for you - and for free!

At Home

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Busy, hectic life? We can repair your phone in our specially equipped vehicle while you get on with your day.

If you have any friends or family that need any tablet or phone repairs we can book you all in and offer a discount while you have a coffee!

At Work

phone repair quote - call out at work

As long as we can park at or close to where you work we can have your phone repaired while you are at work.

If you have any colleagues that need tablet or phone repairs we can book multiple repairs in and offer a discount at the same time!

In Store

phone repair quote - Armafone repair centre in Ipswich

If you would prefer to visit our Ipswich based repair centre, we have free parking, a comfortable waiting area.

We have free parking to the rear and a wide range of accessories in store to help you avoid breakages in the future!

Business Repairs

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We can visit your business to carry out individual repairs or to audit that draw full of unused mobiles that just about every business has!

Ask us about our business airtime & support services

Getting A Phone Repair Quote?

Read on for some common do's and don'ts of getting your tablet, laptop of phone repaired.

Phone Repair Quote - Free Diagnostics logo

Sometimes when you're looking for a phone repair quote it won't always be obvious what the problem is. In this case it might be necessary to test your device before we can give you a quote.

We don't charge you to run these diagnostic tests and should they will enable us to give you an accurate phone repair quote.

Don't forget, you shouldn't be paying to have your phone or tablet tested and any fault diagnosed.

You wouldn't pay a garage to tell you that your clutch needs replacing so don't accept a charge to diagnose what's wrong with you mobile device.

Phone repair Quote - No Fix No Fee Logo

Again, don't expect to pay where an attempt to  repair your iPhone or mobile device was attempted but failed!

We run tests to provide you with an accurate phone repair quote but there will be times where we need to dismantle a device to ascertain the problem. If the phone isn't fixable then we won't charge you and will explain what the issue is.

We allocate a percentage of our time to testing, diagnosis and speculative repairs - it's just part of the service so there shouldn't be anything to pay for such things - check a prospective repairers Terms and Conditions if in doubt - before you leave your phone with them...

Phone Repair Quote - original quality parts used logo

Now this is a big subject and it's closely related to the honouring of any warranty.

The range in quality and price of mobile parts is massive. Every phone repair quote we provide includes for the best parts and a 12 month warranty.

We only purchase the best quality parts available but we know those that don't and it can make a big difference to the finished repair, how the device behaves and how long it holds up.

We have a complete article on this which, if quality is a concern we advise you read.

Part failures do happen, that's just a fact of life - which is why  a dependable warranty is essential.

Using poor quality parts on your £500+ iPhone is like putting poor quality parts on a Ferrari - you just wouldn't do it!!!

Phone Repair Quote - Highly trained Technicians Logo

We regularly carry out what we call 'Repair Repairs' - where someone has had a repair elsewhere that has failed (and the warranty has usually not been honoured). These include fake parts, screws rattling around or missing, connectors damaged or torn  and the insides of phones covered in superglue!

phoen repair in progress at ArmaFone repair centre

With experience in the mobile industry since 1995, training in manufacturers (Samsung, Nokia etc) own service centre's and a healthy apprenticeship scheme our team will give you a competitive phone repair quote, great service & quality repair plus you have the peace of mind that, in the unlikely event a part fails  we've got you covered 100%!

Phone Repair  Quote -12 Months Warranty Logo

Peace of mind is important - from receiving your phone repair quote through the repair itself and the entire 12 month warranty period. 

We've already covered the potential issues you may face where inferior quality parts are used in mobile device repairs.

Even original quality parts can fail on occasion so cheaper, poor quality parts are way more likely to fail - which is why your warranty is important!

Again check the Terms and Conditions and keep your receipt. Even take a photo of  your phone beforehand if you've been offered a 'bargain' repair price. We have seen some horror 'repairs'and blatant refusal to honour warranty issues so be careful.

Unfortunately it tends to be the repair companies that use cheaper parts that are less 'willing' to honour the warranty - don't end up with a bag of bits like some people we have seen!

Ultimately ask yourself whether the company looks reputable - check the company reviews - a good quantity of high star reviews is a must here.

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ArmaFone have been providing a wide range of mobile related products and service in Ipswich and the surrounding area for over 15 years.

Armafone Ipswich TeamFrom tablet, laptop and phone repairs to accessories, business packages and more.

Owned and run by an Ipswich family we pride ourselves not only on our experience and expertise with all things mobile, but also our friendly approach in assisting all customers from geek level to complete novice/technophobe!