Faulty Phone?

Probably around 80% of the mobile phone repairs that we see come through the ArmaFone repair centre in Ipswich are indeed screens replacements and battery issues.

However there are some other common mobile phone repairs that we carry out on a regular basis; here are just a few:

  • Diagnostics: Free service to find out what's wrong when it's not obvious!
  • Charging Port: Often we can sort these without replacement (ANOTHER FREE SERVICE!) but we do replace them when required of course.
  • Camera Replacements: Front and back, for when FaceTime and selfies just aren't up to spec!
  • Home Button: An iPhone favourite.
  • Power Button: Moving part, susceptible to wear and tear and often take the brunt of a drop surprisingly.
  • Volume Button: Yup you guessed it, another moving part.
  • Chassis / Framework: Usually the result of a being sat on in jeans etc - trouble is a glass screen doesn't sit well on a bent phone.

There are plenty of other phone and tablet repairs (laptops too!) that we offer. So whatever your issue talk to our team at ArmaFone in Ipswich. We pride ourselves on offering friendly, expert advice - and a surprising amount of free services for our customers!

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Free Mobile Phone Repair Services

When your phone, tablet or laptop goes wrong you aren't necessarily going to know what's wrong unless it's something obvious like a smashed screen.

The ArmaFone team will prod and poke your device (actually they'll use their experience and the latest diagnostic hardware and software) to find our what's wrong with your phone and talk to you about the best way to get you back up and running.

We won't talk tech to you or baffle you with science and if we can fix you up without needing to replace parts we won't charge you!

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