ArmaFone New Website Page
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Our New Site You may have visited the ArmaFone site before and seen that it was mainly focused on our accessories and related  products for sale. We still sell all the quality accessories, tough phones and gadgets that we always have done – in fact we’re expanding our range every month. However, our repairs business …

iPhone 7
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The iPhone 7 Arrives At Last

Amid the usual 6 months of hype, conjecture and rumour the iPhone 7 is finally here….well not here, it’s been ‘launched’….or should I be saying that the rumours have been ‘confirmed’? It will be some time before the new iPhone will actually arrives in any great numbers in the UK – as an iPhone retailer and …

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Water Damage iPhone 6 Repair? As you might imagine here at ArmaFone we get a LOT of questions on just about anything to do with mobile phones, tablets and laptops and the like. We thought it might be useful to share a range of common questions via this series of short articles. We’re also more …