iOS 11 Header image
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When Apple launch version 11 of their iOS operating system – probably alongside the new iPhone launch and probably around September, it looks as though there are going to be some casualties. iPhone 5s  iOS to iOS 11 You may have seen the dialogue box warning on your iPhone or iPad already. What does this …

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iTunes and iCloud Explained

Ever wante iTunes and iClud explained to you? You’ve probably noticed that Apple have invented just about an ‘i-everything’ and with so many i-terms we thought we would break down a few of the most commonly occurring ones to help anyone understand and get the most out of the mystical world of Apple. Apple ID  …

ArmaFone New Website Page
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Our New Site You may have visited the ArmaFone site before and seen that it was mainly focused on our accessories and related  products for sale. We still sell all the quality accessories, tough phones and gadgets that we always have done – in fact we’re expanding our range every month. However, our repairs business …